SmartDrive MX2

SKU: SM-MX2-100

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SmartDrive™ is an award-winning power assist that gives greater freedom and power to manual wheelchair users. The SmartDrive quickly and easily attaches to the mounting bar, which comes in a quick-release version ideal for folding wheelchairs. It combines all the features you want in a power assist. It is powerful enough to handle thick carpets and cruise up hills, yet still lightweight and simple – just turn on, hook on and go all day without charging.

With the addition of the PushTracker Activity Monitor, you can customise the SmartDrive performance you like best by changing the mode of operation, tap sensitivity, top speed and more. Using the Free Smartphone PushTrackerApp, you can monitor all your day to day metrics and compare your daily averages.

  • Lightweight and simple to attach: Optional quick-release mounting bar for folding wheelchairs
  • Integrates with PushTracker Activity Monitor:
  • Convenient wristband design: Free smartphone App
  • Adjust functionality & performance of SmartDrive: Monitor and track your daily metrics: push count | coast time | journey tracker, etc.
  • EZ ON feature for users with limited hand dexterity


Width: 14cm
Length: 39cm
Product Weight: 5.7kg
S.W.L: 150kg
Wheel diameter: 19.3cm
Battery: 36V Li ion
Range: 19.8km
Regulatory Compliance: ANSI/RESNA Vol 1 & Vol 2 | EN 12184