Spex Head Support Technology

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Spex Head Support pads are constructed from an internal aluminium shell covered by an injection moulded polyurethane foam to ensure smooth and comfortable support surface. The family of head support shapes have been geometrically and biomechanically designed to give greater support and stability for head positioning for wheelchair users. 

Along with the versatile Spex Stylo hardware, it’s possible to accommodate an extensive range of head positioning requirements. Aluminum plates with multiple positioning holes allow for wide range of adjustment of the pad in relation to the mechanism.


    Circle Pad - two sizes: Circle 150 | Circle 250
    Comfort Pad - two sizes: Comfort 250 | Comfort 350
    Contour Pad - two sizes: Contour 250 | Contour 350
    Standard Lateral Pad - two sizes: Paediatric | Adult
    Extended Lateral Pad - two sizes: Paediatric | Adult
    Adjustable Lateral Pad - two sizes: Adjustable Lateral 150 | Adjustable Lateral 250
    Stylo Head Support - two styles: Stylo 160 | Stylo 260

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