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ProBed Turning Bed - Discover a better way to care for the immobile individual!

The Pro Bed Medical Turning Bed is one of a kind in its design, with features to accommodate the needs of immobile individuals who are at risk of developing pressure injuries or who require a solution to treat existing pressure ulcers or complications caused by chronic immobility. It is automated, programmable and has the option to be fully voice-controlled.

The need for manual turning is eliminated allowing an increase in home-based care where previously institutionalization would have been necessary. In addition, both the patient and the carer experience improved outcomes from subsequent undisturbed sleep.

An ideal bed for quality sleep therapy. 

The Freedom Bed is available in 3 different sizes:

  • Standard 1980mm length | 900mm width | 159kg patient capacity

  • Extended 2185mm length | 900mm width | 159kg patient capacity 

  • Bariatric 2185mm length | 1370mm width | 272kg patient capacity

  • Mimics natural nocturnal motion by repositioning to re-establish blood flow to compressed tissue.
  • The lower side of the mattress turns up to form a “wing” that supports the entire body length from ankle to shoulder.
  • Turning occurs along the spinal axis - with a minimal feeling of rotation
  • Air-powered head and leg elevations.
  • The torso position can be raised to 30° - rotation is still possible with the raised torso.

Benefits for the Bed User:

  • The automated turning process allows for more frequent turning to address the multi-system pathophysiological events associated with immobility. Also referred to as kinetic therapy, this turning not only provides pressure relief to prevent or treat bedsores but it can also produce, for example, a dramatic reduction in the incidence of respiratory problems and urinary tract and bladder infections
  • Significantly better quality of sleep since the bed-user does not have to be manually turned during the night and is not woken up by the bed turning. This creates better mental clarity, better health and an improved lifestyle, free from dependence on caregivers during the night
  • The opportunity to live in a home setting instead of an institution
  • Pain reduction
  • The bed can still rotate when the torso is in a raised position up to 30°. This can be added to the Reverse Trendelenburg position, if suitable, for a maximum included angle of approximately 42°.  A pillow adds more elevation again. Torso elevation is of significant benefit to people who are tube-fed and/or respirator-dependent.
  • Prevention or reduction of gastro-esophageal reflux
  • Better respiratory health and clearance of upper respiratory and oral secretions
  • Reduction in spasticity and abnormal tone.
  • Improved bowel regularity
  • No dehydration and subsequent electrolyte imbalance since the bed creates no heat


Width: 110cm
Height: 56cm - 86cm
Length: 262cm
S.W.L: 159kg
Mattress Platform Width: 97cm
Mattress Platform Length: 198cm (Standard)
Mattress Platform Length: 218cm (Long)
Rotation Angle: 30° - 0° - 30°
Torso Raise Angle: 0° - 30°
Trendelenburg Tilt: 0° - 30°
Regulatory Compliance: EN 60601-1-2 | 60601-2-52

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