Rovi X3 Maxx

The Rovi X3 Power Base boasts the narrowest wheelbase in the industry and perfectly complements the innovative power positioning products from Motion Concepts. A flexibly modular system, it is available with the full range of Motion Concepts’ accessories and Matrx® seating products, mounted via the new Ultra Rail and Ultra Track slotted interfaces. All the powered seating functions can be operated either through, or separate from the driver control. With low seat to floor heights (43cm) and 30cm elevation, the Rovi X3 Maxx is a compact and manoeuvrable Mid Wheel Drive power base offering users an improved drive experience.

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  • Narrow wheelbase with modular components: Motion Concepts power positioning | Matrx® seating
  • Ultra Low Maxx Seating System: Tilt & Recline and Elevate
  • Powered seating functions operable through driver control or separate: Seat width and depth adjustment
  • OnTraxx enhanced driving module maintains the intended course on uneven terrain with fewer manual corrections: PG Drives electronics platform for control options
  • Optimal weight distribution: Mass concentrated over midline
  • Product Weight: 136kg
  • S.W.L: 136kg
  • Seat Width: 40.5cm - 61cm
  • Seat Depth: 38cm - 56cm
  • Seat Height: 43cm - 73.5cm
  • Overall Height: 90cm
  • Recline: 170°
  • Tilt: 0° - 55°
  • Regulatory Compliance: AS/NZS 3695.2 | ISO 7176-19
Rovi X3 with Ultra Low Maxx Flyer